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Software Engineer (Data Platform) - Medium

I currently work as a software engineer on the Data Platform Team at Medium, an article reading and writin platform. I help provide an integrated system to support Medium’s data collection, storage, and processing needs.

Recently, I reduced the runtime of ETL jobs that run SQL to less 15 minutes by migrating these jobs to Spark, developed the infrastructure for all jobs to be run on our development and internal clusters, and helped migrate our stats to real-time using Spark.

Software Engineer - Vungle

I worked as a software engineer on the Ad Serving Team at Vungle, a mobile video advertising startup in San Francisco. I architected and implemented the Vungle Exchange, led the project to parallelize our requests on our Exchange servers, and led the project to make the Exchange support the OpenRTB protocol.

I also implemented the Vungle Pre-Cached Exchange, as well as making the Vungle ad server capable of streaming, implementing hybrid attribution, and re-architected our Redis caching system to make it scalable and more stable.


I worked on the 2nd version of the Zombie Source web app, which was rewritten in Rails and Ember. The new version is a single page web app that is incredibly fast and smooth, and also easier to use.

The 3 person team includes myself, Michael Solomon and Chandler Abraham.

Software Engineering Internship - Munchery

I completed a 3 month long internship at the personal catering startup, Munchery, in San Francisco. I worked on all levels of the stack in Ruby on Rails.

I led a project to build an iPad inventory tool for the Operations Team, implemented a system for progammatically calculating nutrition facts for meals based on ingredients, and worked on a variety of other projects.

Lab Instructor

Lab Instructor - Data Structures

I taught a lab section for the data structures course at the University of Idaho. We discussed topics related to data structures including pointers, linked lists, templates, stacks, queues, recursion, trees, heaps, hash tables, sorting, and graphs.

All code and assignments were in C or C++.

I explained concepts, provided examples, answered questions, held office hours, updated or clarified lab instructions, and led study sessions. I also graded projects, lab assignments, and quizzes.

Lab Instructor

Lab Instructor - Introduction to Programming

I taught a lab section for the introductory programming course at the University of Idaho. We discussed fundamental programming concepts, basic algorithms, basic UNIX commands, and use of GCC. All code and assignments were in C++.

I explained concepts, provided examples, answered questions, held office hours, and led study sessions. I also graded projects, lab assignments, and quizzes.

The class included students from both CS majors and those interested from other disciplines.

Zombie Source

Zombie Source

I was part of a team of four extending ZombieSource, a PHP web application backing the college campus live-action game, Humans vs. Zombies.

The app was used at both the University of Idaho and Washington State University.

I completed a full redesign/restructuring of the site, as well as helping implement a newsfeed of in-game events, achievements, multiple game support, and a variety of other features.

The 4 person team included myself, Michael Solomon, Chandler Abraham, and Damian Ball.

Undergraduate Researcher

Undergraduate Researcher

I was an undergraduate researcher from Fall 2010 to Fall 2012 working with both Dr. Luke Harmon and Dr. Terence Soule to examine population and species dyamics. I used evolutionary computation to explore the interactions between populations, the interactions between species, and how the mutation rate, dispersion radius, and other parameters can affect the emergence and development of species.

I refined an animated program that simulated these interactions (originally produced by Dr. Soule), and also developed two simulation programs: a prototype in Python, and an optimized C++ version for the Beowulf cluster.

I presented my research, A Computer Simulation for Adaptive Radiation and Evolutionary Population Dynamics, at the 7th Annual University of Idaho College of Science Student Research Exposition.


BFF: Bassoon Fingering Finder

The project was suggested and sponsored by Susan Hess, D.M.A. of the Lionel Hampton School of Music, and was featured at the 2012 University of Idaho Engineering Design EXPO.

BFF was built using Ruby on Rails.

The application is an ongoing project at the University of Idaho and is now managed by Susan Hess and the Computer Science Department.